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Ocalink gets its supply from excavator‘s power

Many users have complained that the batteries on the Ocalalaser don‘t last long. So now we can upgrade your Ocalink (the transmitter box on the Ocalaser) so you can hook it up to the excavator power.

And so you don‘t have to wait, we will ship you the new Ocalink with the power cable, you install it and send the old Ocalink back, so no down-time


  • Never have to change batteries on laser receiver

  • As soon as you turn on the excavator, the Ocalaser starts working


Check your display‘s software version number

The latest version of the display software is 5.31. If your display has version 5.16 or older, you definitely would benefit from an upgrade. We can send you an SD card with the latest software or you can send in your display and we install it for you.

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